Monday, July 19, 2010

The DTR.

It's dreaded in most relationships. Things are going smoothly...and then, bam!...the DTR hits (that's "define the relationship" for those of you long-married folk). But when it's a DTR with your employer, it is highly anticipated! Since my start at the bakery, I've been awaiting a DTR conversation with the owner. Last week it happened.

I'll spare you the play-by-play (but oh was it exciting), and tell you the gist. They like me. I like them. They want me to stay and learn more. I want stay and learn more. They want to give me more responsibilities (such as decorating basic cakes - not custom cake orders/wedding cakes yet). I want to get more responsibility. They want to pay me more. I want to earn more. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, ay?

I think so. I was so pumped after our talk. The owner communicated how significant it is in a mom and pop business to have employees that are trustworthy, in more ways than just with money. She explained that they could get any baker/cake decorator off the street but that it was much more beneficial to pour into an eager employee that needs a little growing and has great passion. It appears that for the time being I get to be that eager employee that they pour into. Rest assured I will soak up everything I can. Techniques get to be sharpened. Skills honed. Passion nurtured.

I am currently eating, sleeping, and breathing in a confectionary world...and I love it.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Music To My Ears

So I was at work today (yes - I got a job at that bakery I mentioned in my post!), and the baker turns to me and says, "I'm not one to tell people what do to, but you should pursue a culinary career." I paused in my current task of quartering strawberries for fruit tarts and asked her why I would do such a thing. She said, "Because it's easy to see it's your passion. You love it. You should really do what you love."

In just over a month of working at the bakery/coffeeshop, at least one person has already seen my passion for baking. What a joy! Does this mean I'm doing all sorts of glamourous things at work? Nope. I'm starting from the bottom up - cashiering, cleaning tables, making sandwiches and coffee drinks. I've already learned to do some other fun stuff, however. I'm icing cookies, filling creme horns, dipping things in chocolate and drizzling them with goodness, packaging up goodies for sale, and loving every minute of it. I'm eager to learn. I'm keeping my eyes open always. As there are specialty cakes being made around me every day and wedding cakes being produced every weekend, there is so much to take in! The next step isn't clear at all. Home sales? Taking classes? Continuing what I'm doing and gaining responsibility as they see fit? Lots to figure out....but I'm settling into a work routine again (receiving my first paycheck since September was nothing short of a blessing) and am glad to be here. Georgia is feeling more and more like home. Come visit - I'll be the one covered in sugar and baking books.