Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Moment That Wasn't Captured on Film

I wish you could have seen what I saw today. I was on my favorite trail at one of my favorite parks for the first time in weeks, and I saw Beauty.

It was in the form of a butterfly. I'd been walking along a scene of browns and grays and greens, maybe a little yellow as the leaves start to turn. And then I saw it. Flitting along the red dirt path, going every which way. He caught my eye immediately, with his bright orange and deep purple wings. They were complete with flecks of black and white on the tips. He landed a few feet away on a leaf, gently moving his wings up and down as he sat.

There was such grace in that motion. Oh, to move with such grace.

I stood there for what felt like an eternity, but was probably only a few minutes. Just taking in the moment.

The one I couldn't capture because my iPhone was securely locked in my car, not on my person, nowhere near my being. Freedom! An hour away from the wonderfully and tragically addicting thing that it is.

But you know what? I think it's better that I didn't get a picture anyway.

You had to be there.

You had to hear the crickets chirp. The birds call out to each other. You had to feel the sun on your face. Hear the rustle of the leaves as the wind gently blew. Feel the dirt under your feet, leaves crunching. See the bright blue sky above your head.

And know that in that wide expanse of creation, God ordained that moment, that mingling of paths.

The butterfly's and mine.

Because God wanted to remind me that He's that grand. That awesome to create and mix together all those things. He wanted to remind me that somehow, that butterfly in its delicacy and beauty, is fully protected in a storm.

Have you ever wondered where the butterflies go when the wind howls and the rains pound? I haven't.

But I did in that moment.

Standing out in the middle of nowhere witnessing such a tiny detailed wisp of creation that paused long enough for me to soak in every bit of his glory, I thought about the strong winds, the thunder, the lightening, the heavy rain.

That little guy is out there all the time. Somewhere. Protected. I stood there knowing that He cares for that very butterfly in the midst of a storm.

That is our God - a mighty Protector. Our banner, our Jehovah-nissi. There is victory under His covering, for the butterfly…and for us. He says in His word, "I will save those who love me and will protect those who acknowledge me as Lord" (Psalm 91:14).

In the storms. In the quiet.

Loving and protecting His creation that loves Him.

He can't not. It's in His perfect character to do so. And it's His promise to those who acknowledge Him as Lord.

And boy He is ever faithful.

He will show you that, too. It might take leaving your phone for awhile. Stepping out into the greatness of His creation. Some time away, in the quiet.

And He will speak to you, too. He's longing to meet with you. Just the two of you.

He has Beauty to reveal.