Friday, January 2, 2015

2015's Word of the Year

I'm in utter disbelief that it's 2015.

Time again to choose or be given a word of the year.

Seriously seems like yesterday I was sitting around a fire sharing how this word (understanding) was the one to ponder for the next 365 days.

But a few nights ago, I was again surrounded by some of my favorite people, sharing our word for 2015. This morning, I have had the extreme pleasure to be called off work (so far). Everyone loves a few unexpected hours! It has been a divine gift and in an effort not to waste it, I have rekindled one of my favorite things.

It doesn't have a name. (I thought of a few…they were all dorky.) It just involves a sheet of paper, a pen, my Bible, and my crazy brain.

Sometimes there's so much on my mind, or there's an idea I want to capture that I'll jot down phrases and Scripture, maybe a drawing or two.

They are some of my favorite pages to look back on because they represent times I feel like I'm really brainstorming with a purpose. Dreaming. Dreaming BIG (like I did when I wrote this in summer of 2011).

The past few weeks I've noticed God bringing this year's word to me in different places. I didn't want to lose the thread He was weaving, so I finally started to jot it all down.

The word is…TREASURE.

I am excited to see what God reveals…there are so many implications! To start with, I feel like He's laid out three things:

1. Treasure Me.
2. Allow yourself to be treasured by Me.
3. Fully treasure all the gifts I give you.

So. Treasure.

I tried to make it as big as I could, but you might still need your reading glasses. And no, there are no sketches on here yet…consider yourself lucky.

It's a work in progress, but hey, it's only the second day of the year...

What is your word of the year?

What are you dreaming about in 2015?

What acorn dreams is God growing in you?!